• Classes at FEVERHEAD are affordable but the actual class fees vary according to the type of class, length of class and the class instructor’s rates.
  • Unless stated otherwise on event pages and/or class descriptions, THERE IS NO REGISTRATION/SIGN-UP POLICY FOR CLASSES.
  • Drop-ins are welcomed!

*** Our policy, if there is one, is “show up and pay the class fee……and have fun!”


***Please note that although most of our classes are for and/or accommodate beginners or people with no previous dance training, they are physically demanding.
The content of our classes is highly rigorous, athletic and requires participants to repetitively execute complex movement exercises.
While we do everything we can to ensure the safety and happiness of class participants, providing modifications and alignment principles throughout our class offerings, and gently coaching everyone through difficult learning curves, we structure and plan our classes based on codified dance techniques, experimental movement practices and full-bodied athletic engagement.

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